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Blind Kid Uses Echolocation to “See”

By Jacklyn | June 26, 2010

Ben Underwood (26th Jan 1992 – 19th Jan 2009)

To Ben Underwood, everything is possible. He lost his eyesight to cancer and was blind ever. Ben never allowed his handicap to stop him from living a normal life. He used ‘Echolocation’ to move his way around and we have to admit that he was a genius in that!

Ben succumbed to re-occurrence of cancer before his 17th birthday. He left a legacy of inspiration on what is possible when one start to believe in himself. He demonstrated how a person’s attitude can affect the quality of his life.

If you feel that life has been unfair to you with all the obstacles, problems, handicap, … ask yourself how people like Ben Underwood, Rick Hoyt, Helen Keller, Nick Vijicic live their life not only with joy but have contributed much value to other people. May God bless you…

3:37 mins

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