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Jacklyn’s Inspiring Success Story..

Hi! I’m Jacklyn!

I grow up with my grandmother in a kampong filled with wonderful memories…

As ambitious as anyone else after leaving my Junior College, I jump start my career in insurance with AIA. But merely 2 years in the society, I was diagnosed to have SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). All my dreams just got flashed into the drain as I started my life staying in the hospital most of the time… At that point of time, I could not accept the truth and reality of my life and even myself. Not only I did not strive to improve my condition, I fell into depression, withdrawn and became suicidal.

Eventually, I started dialysis for 9 years due to kidney failure. Other complications came in like anemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, clotted aorta, PAD, heart attack, etc… Sounds scary? it was! BUT most importantly, all these are past history! I had a successful kidney transplant done on 9th Oct 2002, and… a new life is born!

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Today, I’m a successful, happy, cheerful, loving and motivated inspirator! I found my life purpose and my passion to share living the Life of Freedom. I live my dreams and enjoy every journey of my life. I cherish and appreciate everything I have, especially my family, friends, beautiful feelings & memories…

This blog focuses on Personal Development, Motivation, Inspiration and Empowerment. I strongly believe that having a strong purpose in life, with continual self improvement, and the courage to change will ultimately lead one to unlimited successes in life!

I’ve jumped out of adversities where life seems so impossible, and now, I want to help anyone that need to taste life again! I went through many Personal Development courses, including certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Stuart Tan), and went on to attain my certification as a Licensed Trainer of NLP with Richard Bandler under the Society of NLP (USA) .

Now, my life is full of excitement everyday involving in many aspect of life contribution through the following ways:

* Life Coaching

* Going back to Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) to coach Patterns of Excellence (POE) Program

* Knowing how to love my family and the people around me in a deeper and personal way

* Bringing the gift of health and knowledge to mankind through sharing the science of Nutritional-Immunology with E.Excel International and Kangen Water with Enagic Inc.

* Promoting the importance of self improvement to people who desire all life’s successes through life-changing personal development programs. NLP is my chosen platform to learn and grow as a person and at the same time, help others experience more success in every area of their lives.

* Contributing to charity through time, energy and monetary contribution and of course that includes Kingdom Advancement. Nothing beats the warm feeling inside me knowing that somehow, somewhere, someone is benefiting from my humble sharing and contribution..

Life is beautiful and meaningful if we have all the reasons to live for, isn’t it?

Being an Ambassador of E.Excel International, my Mission is to bring the gift of health and knowledge to mankind. On top of that, I want to contribute to other people’s life positively through personal development. My training program, Personal Empowerment Mastery, focuses on personal inspiration, motivation, empowerment and peak performance using the skills and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My Vision is to see all the people around me living their life to the fullest with abundant love, peace, joy, good health and great wealth!

I like to meet people who are happy, loving, positive and highly motivated to improve themselves. I’m looking for joint-venture business partners and individuals who want to build an online or offline network marketing business.

You are most welcome to be part of my team to share our vision and mission in bringing the gift of health, wealth and happiness to the world…

My most favourite quotes:

Success is a CHOICE!

Success is a JOURNEY, not a destination…

You will get everything you want in your life, if you HELP ENOUGH PEOPLE get what they want in their lives.

Love, Jacklyn ~ Inspiring & Empowering Lives ~

Contact Jacklyn @ www.JacklynKer.com/contact-jacklyn

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