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Building a Rock-Solid Client Relationship

By Jacklyn | March 5, 2017

A client relationship is not just about giving a big smile when you meet your clients. Your clients can feel whether you are genuine or not when you communicate to them.

For a rock-solid client relationship, you need to create wow factors that will set you above your competitors. Remember the R.O.C.K. S.O.L.I.D acronym, which stand for the pointers below, and apply them to build strong relationships with them.

(R) Remember Your Clients’ Details

Clients love to be acknowledged by their names. They feel good when you remember details of what they had shared with you during your past conversations with them. If you do not have a good memory, one helpful way is to write them down. This can be very time-consuming but it is an effective way to keep a detailed report of your clients. This should also include the likes and dislikes of your clients.

(O) Open To New Ideas

Your clients may have their own ideas about what work best for them or what they want. You may be an expert in your industry but you need to recognise that your clients have their own thinking too. Be open to new ideas given by your clients and explore with them. Clients like to be respected when sharing their ideas and it is essential to make them feel important.

(C) Consistent In Your Follow-Up

At the end of every phone call or meeting, send a follow-up note on what was discussed. This is to assure your clients that you have understood their needs and are working on them. Clients like to be kept informed of what will interest or affect them, their businesses and their lives. Do a regular follow-up to keep connected with your clients.

(K) Know Your Products

Attend your company’s product training and read up on your products’ information. Clients love to work with someone who knows his or her products well. You must be able to answer your clients’ questions on your products and advise them accordingly. This will immediately build their confidence in you.

(S) Surprises Always Work

Have you ever done anything that left a long-lasting impression in your client’s memory? Sending a greeting card to clients is a common practice, so what else can you do to make a difference? Learn more about your clients, and you will know what will make a pleasant surprise.

(O) Organise Your Materials

Always go prepared for every appointment. Organise your materials with the most updated information. Your presentation kit represents you and your work. Spend some time checking it, and ensure that everything is in order before any appointment. Always keep a separate folder with additional information or collaterals that you think your clients may be interested in. It is always better to be prepared than not ready.

(L) Listen Attentively

Listen to your clients attentively. Your clients want to be heard and given attention. They want to express their feelings and opinions to you . While they may not be accurate or right, you cannot fight their thinking and emotions. Be patient with them. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

(I) Integrity Is Your Brand

Integrity is important in a client relationship. Say what you will do and do what you have promised to deliver. Always give advice to your clients with their best interests at heart. Your clients will feel your sincerity and they will trust you and your recommendations.

(D) Do What You Are Best At

You have your own strengths and ideas that your clients like about you. Do not follow blindly what your competitors are doing for their clients just because they are successful in doing them. Do what your are best at instead.


Article by Richard Gavriel, a client relationship building and sales expert with Richard Gabriel Speaker Management.

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