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Contribution to Life Through Feed The Children Foundation

By Jacklyn | April 9, 2009

I wonder if you know the hardships and struggles that so many children are going through around the world right now. It’s a sad fact, but over 10,000 children die every single day due to starvation and preventable illnesses.

It made me think of my involvement with Success University, which is in partnership with Feed The Children that allows every student that signs up with Success University to be part of this contribution program. I am inspired to be in an organization with so many leaders committed to Success University’s vision of creating a positive shift in the world.

Every enrollment in Success University allows us to donate enough to feed a child for a week. In the past four years, our small contributions have been enough to feed tens of thousands of children. Today, your little contribution of US$2 can made a huge difference to these underprivileged children! On top of that, Success University is giving you worthy personal development resources for FREE as a way of saying “Thank You!”.

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