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Believe And Get Whatever You Want – Law Of Attraction

By Jacklyn | October 21, 2008

By Srinivasa Raju
Believe in something which is unbelievable is not a simple exercise, but not impossible. If you believe that you deserve whatever you want, that can be career, wealth or health or anything that you want in your life universe will manifest it for you.

For most of the people who are practicing on Law of attraction, just think that they will get whatever they want simply by visualizing, affirming and do the mind exercises daily. More than that Feeling good is the most important aspect here and also believe that you deserve it is the most primary thing in this process if you want to attract something.  

“Do you believe that you can earn $1 today?”

“Yes. You can” (You can earn by doing your job or business etc)

“Do you believe that you can earn $100 end of this month?”

“Yes. You can”

“Do you believe that you can earn $1 Million end of this year?”

(Hard to BELIEVE)

“Ok. Can you imagine or visualize or affirm that you already got $1 Million in your bank account?”

“You can visualize, affirm and feel good about it”

“Can you train your mind to believe UNINTENTIONALLY that you already have $1 Million in your bank account?”


Did you get my point?

I know every day for 10-30 minutes you believe that you got $1 Million in your account. You feel good about it, you visualize, you affirm and everything is perfect. After that, you will get $200 figure into your mind which is balance in your account. Therefore, this belief you have is INTENTIONAL belief. Not UNINTENTIONAL.

Can you believe and behave that you already got $1 Million in your account UNINTENTIONALLY? Walk like a Millionaire, Talk like Millionaire, Think like Millionaire, and Feel like a Millionaire. And open eyes visualize $1 Million balance in your account. Make you mind believe that your current balance is $1 Million and not $200. And whenever you think of your balance of your bank account the figure that should show in your mind is $1 Million.

It’s not an easy exercise, but not impossible. If you practice more, you will achieve it.

Once you believe in that way, the universe shows you so many tremendous ways to make that Money. And you choose the way you want according to your gut feeling. And with that UNINTENTIONAL belief in your mind, your actions will have tremendous power.

For example, some time in 20th Century a famous weight lifting champion lifted up to 398 Kilos. He was unsuccessful in lifting 400 kilos. He tried number of times but never succeeded. After few years, his students who are trained by him put 401 Kilos on the stage and requested the master to show them that he can still lift 398 kilos weight. Students never told the master that the actual weight is 401.

So what happened?

Master lifted up the weights BELIEVING that he can lift 398 weights. His belief made him do that. Students then told the master that he created a world record just now by lifting 401 kilos.

Beliefs have such a tremendous power within it. When you believe UNINTENTIONALLY you will achieve anything in your life no matter how big or small. When you BELIEVE, you can feel the powerful energy within you.

Now you know the technique of the Millionaire Mind


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Raju Penmetsa is a Senior J2EE Developer in South Africa who is a researcher on LAW OF ATTRACTION and also inspires and believes in Abundance at each and every aspect of life. Good motivator, communicator and inspirer walking with pure passion, prosperity and purpose.

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