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First Light

By Jacklyn | November 23, 2008

Have you catch the latest play by Toy Factory Productions Ltd ~”First Light”~ at The Esplanade?

E.Excel Singapore being one of the premium sponsors of the play, invited all E.Excel Ambassadors and committee members to enjoy this play after our new product launch today. All of us were carrying high spirit after our beloved founder and president, Dr. Chen, shared with us her new research on Nutritional Immunology.

Back to “First Light”. The whole play takes about 1 hour 40 mins. Throughout the whole show, I was fully captured by the story and the performers. Plenty of humour along the way and yet I teared a few times on different scenes. A play I would strongly recommend if you cannot answer this question at this moment of your life: “What is the most significant moment in your life?”…

Synopsis: If all the world’s a stage, what scene of your life would you offer as a last encore?

Trapped in a limbo between existences, seven deceased Singaporean are reading their own obituaries. A postman, a teacher, a grassroot leader, a businesswoman, an actress, a taxi driver and his wife – seven elderly strangers with little in common in Life, now find themselves together as they face the greatest adventure of their lives ~ DEATH. Before this wait is over, they must each revisit, relive, re-enact the most significant moment in their life. Only then can they move on.

At turns funny and profoundly-moving, “First Light” is a thought-provoking new devised play that invites you to step beyond the veil to discover how sometimes, it is only after death that you really begin to live.

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