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Importance Of Personal Development

By Jacklyn | January 23, 2009

The importance of personal development is taking on a new meaning in our lives. Today we live in much more challenging and stressful environment than any of our predecessors. We required not only a healthy spirit, also wisdom from our mind and a healthy fit body to pursue all the things and lifestyle we desire in our life.

Personal development teaches us to love ourselves, no matter what we look like.  They teach us that beauty is not about being perfect. It is about knowing who you are and what you want out of life. And the best way to learn is through personal development programs (online of offline), books, articles, audio or video programs.

One of the main elements that personal development teaches you is to have a positive attitude. Positive attitude helps you to believe that you can succeed. And that is the most powerful success strategy.

Personal development teaches you that your attitude is more important than your aptitude in regards to your total success in life. Is this really true? Lets look at the life of some of the greatest people of the last century. Thomas Edison had 9,999 failures before he got the light bulb right. And the only reason he kept doing is because his attitude was positive. People thought Bill Gates was just plain crazy, and yet Microsoft is one of the strongest companies of our time.

Personal development helps us to see a glass that is half full, instead of half empty. It is normal for us to have negative thoughts, and many of us have grown up with it, but believe it or not, it is possible to change those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Focus on what you want in your life no matter what others say about you. Keep your spirit positive by surrounding yourself with empowering environment and positive vibrations like music, ambiance, surroundings. Read personal development books or listen to audio cds. Make sure you are mixing around with friends who are supportive and have positive outlooks on life.

Don’t get upset if you did not get your desired outcome. Remember there is no failure but only feedbacks for you to improve on. Just pick yourself up, learn the lesson and keep going.

Find creative ways to get things done. If you are not experienced enough with something, share the project with someone who is a little more experienced in the field. Tackle challenges that were bothering you from a new frame of mind.

Jim Rohn“Do not ask for lesser challenges, ask for more wisdom.” ~ Jim Rohn

“A formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune” ~ Jim Rohn

Every successful guru will teach us the importance of personal development and the more I started learning, the more my confidence and self esteem grows, and the quirkier I’m seeing results from my actions. You want that to happen to your life, don’t you?

Start personal development now! Its just a choice and commit to that decision. Cheers and have a blessed Happy Lunar New Year!

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