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Inner Beauty – Forgiveness

By Jacklyn | February 10, 2009

It was a beautiful Sunday and my heart was singing with joy as I know I will be meeting  many of my fellow POE coaches and past participants of POE in the afternoon. The feeling was awesome the moment I stepped into the main training room of AKLTG. A feeling that I’m so familiar with.. what stood in front of me is a mental picture that I see so often in my mind whenever I feel I need that extra boost of motivation and inspiration.

‘Gearing Up for 2009 with Patterns of Excellence’ event has given many POE graduates gained new insights to how we can combat any challenges in 2009. It seems that many are already believing that year 2009 is going to be a challenging year?? Being a believer in Law of Attraction, of course I think otherwise. I am ready to align my goals to achieve what I desire this year. In fact, I have already signed up with the founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, his Charisma Enhancement and Trainer Training this coming March 2009 in Florida, Orlando!

I want to highlight a story which Stuart Tan shared with us during the event. It has inspired me so much that till now, it is still so vivid in my mind. It’s a story of a beautiful woman Jacqueline Saburido. A woman that deserve all our salute to her bravery to battle her life ahead, and her enormous generosity to forgive. To me, this is really what I call “Inner Beauty”. It’s a 7 mins video showing Jacqueline appearing in Oprah Winfrey’s live show. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us after the video..

7 Mins

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