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POE Is Here Again!

By Jacklyn | July 11, 2007

It’s another exciting time of the year as my anticipated POE (Patterns of Excellence) Program is starting again tomorrow! POE is one of the most empowering programs I’ve attended as I’ve not only learned the life-skill of Personal Mastery & Influence Mastery of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I’ve also become so much more aware of my daily little habit patterns that has been sabotaging my potential growth for more successes in my life.

Our life can be turn around for the better if we can change our belief and our perspective towards life. I would say the two master trainer Adam Khoo & Stuart Tan have created this powerful program, and all the coaches have created the powerful environment for all the participants to learn in their best form. If you’ve missed this life-changing program this time round, block your diary for the next session in this coming September. You can always check it out with AKLTG or me for further details. I bet you won’t want to miss out such proven enriching program, right? In the meantime, you may want start off with their best selling book Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny and start making a difference in your life!

The solid 4-day program has also literally killed my deep-rooted belief of needing 12 hours of sleep everyday. Imagine I’ll be sleeping half my life away if I continue to stick on to this belief for the rest of my life! Now, I sleep an average of 6 to 8 hours a day and yet still feeling fresh and energetic. I have all the extra time to start my new adventure into internet marketing and on top of that, I can explore more of NLP and keep going back to AKLTG (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group) to coach in all the upcoming POE Programs.

As a person who believes a lot on friends and environment influence, I hang around with positive people and high positive energy environment. My team of business partners in my off-line MLM business (E.Excel International) is one fantastic team, another one is my empowering Online Personal Development Mastermind Team lead by Stuart Tan and one more powerful team is the bunch of positive, crazy, high energy and fun-loving coaches from AKLTG. I’m proud to be in these outstanding teams!

BBQ Dinner

Usually, all coaches will have a gathering just before the actual POE Program to build and strengthen a even stronger bond among all the coaches. We had a great time last Saturday starting with a buffet dinner at Marina South and guess what? We had a bonus to watch the beautiful fireworks right in front of us! After dinner, we proceed to Karaoke and enjoy the night through though all of us smell like BBQ humans after the BBQ dinner!

Karaoke Time


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